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Easy Bridging Loans  is a trading name of Top 10 finance Ltd is authorised by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) no 725234 The FCA   Think Carefully before securing debts against your home. Your property could be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it. We are registered and comply with the Data Protection Act (1998). Registration No: Z2861884 Company registered in England number 06261373.  Privacy Policy

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How can I trust my bridging finance Lender?

About FCA Regulated Bridging Loans when entering into a bridging loan agreement of any type of finance, it is important that you have a level of trust with your lender. Just as they want to be sure that you can repay the loan, which they obtain through credit checks, you too want to be sure that they will uphold their side of the agreement although the High Street banks are fairly self-explanatory there are also many other bridging lenders in the market offering this type of loan.

The Financial Conduct Authority exists for exactly this reason, making sure that lenders follow a strict set of rules. The FCA supervises and regulates companies that provide a financial service such as bridging loans & finance, although you should note that bridging loans are on FCA Regulated if you or one of the members of your family intends to live in the property – and that means your bridging loan lender and also the broker that operates as an introductory service between you and the lender.

What is the FSR – Financial Services Register?

The financial services register is a list of all companies that have been accredited by the FCA and follow their regulations. In short – if your lender and broker are both on the FSR then you can trust them to act in accordance with the regulations.

You should always take the few minutes it takes to check the background on any financial institution you are doing substantial business with – something that rings especially true regarding bridging loans & finance.

What if the lender is not on the FSR?

First of all, check that you have correctly entered the details into the register. Simple spelling mistakes can have a lot to answer for here. Many companies work under a trading name, and though this should be on the register too, it is worth delving a little into the company to find their core business name and check on that.

Ultimately, however, if the company you are being offered a loan from is not FCA registered then you should cease any further dealings with them and look instead for a properly regulated loan provider.

What if something goes wrong or I have a complaint about an FCA Regulated Bridging Loan

You can turn to the FCA if you have a problem with a company that they regulate, or if you discover a scam or similar situation and wish to report it.

If you do find that you have dealt with a company that is not regulated by the FCA and require help, you may be able to turn to the Financial 
Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Is it hard to find FCA registered bridging loans companies?

The vast majority of bridging loan companies are properly registered and conduct their business in a professional manner. With hundreds of options available to you depending on your circumstances, there is going to be a bridging finance company to suit you even if you have less than perfect credit bridging lenders are still happy to offer this type of finance.



Easy Bridging Loans can arrange your loan with ease and will guide you through both the choice of loan and all of the processes that are associated with taking a bridging loan, because we specialise in this type of finance and nothing else, we will always have the answers to any problems that could be encountered along the way.


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