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Who offers bridging loans & Finance?

Find a Bridging Loan Company, When it comes to finding instant financing to undertake a property project, you need to look no further than a bridging loan. Bridging finance provides a way to get money without delay, secured by the property, and provides that time required to either renovate and sell on the property for a profit or put a longer-term financing solution (such as a traditional mortgage) in place.

There are many Bridging companies who are willing to provide a bridging loan to the right person – from long-established banks to new companies made of a group of investors looking for worthwhile investments.

By working through a specialised broker, you can gain access to all of the industry knowledge and deals to secure the perfect bridging finance for your project.

What traditional institutions provide bridging finance?

banks form the core of the bridging finance sector. With a solid history of financial products, they are expertly placed to offer a fully-regulated loan to you at a reasonable rate.

Working from a position of lowest risks, banks are more likely to want to see a guarantee of solid financial responsibility from you – usually in the form of a high credit rating – before they will be willing to lend the many hundreds of thousands of pounds that make up a standard bridging loan.

If you have good credit and want to interact with a company with a proven history of trust and reliability, you need 
not stray far from a major bank.

What alternatives exist to traditional banks?

With the growth of crowdsourcing money, it is possible to secure bridging finance from centralised groups of investors. With different companies providing a different look at bridging finance, providers in this sector range from co-operation built up of a few high-powered investors, to large collections of like-minded people collected across the internet to form a peer-to-peer financial investment group.

The advantages to these private groups are their abilities to make decisions based more on merit than pure credit scoring – these are investors looking to see a good return on their investment and they may be willing to take more of a direct risk than a traditional bank looking at the same paperwork.

For that risk, however, they may be looking for a larger return and interest rates may be higher.

What about non-status financing?

If you are struggling to prove your credit, often the case for the self-employed property investor, then you can look to non-status bridging loans as an alternative. Without the need to apply a credit check at all, non-status loans look firmly to the guarantee of the property to secure the loan. Provided this level of security is strong, they are willing to look past poor past credit in the understanding that if you want to take the risk, it is your right.

Should I use a broker?

Talking to a specialist broker is imperative to getting the best out of your bridging finance. With a comprehensive level of industry knowledge, coupled with a desire to get the best deal for you, a broker will be your partner in obtaining the best bridging finance for you.



Easy Bridging Loans can arrange your loan with ease and will guide you through both the choice of loan and all of the processes that are associated with taking a bridging loan, because we specialise in this type of finance and nothing else, we will always have the answers to any problems that could be encountered along the way.


Get in touch now to discuss your requirement as professionals in this field and know the industry inside out, call us today or complete our online form to get things started.


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